Inspired by the lack of reproductive health awareness in Myanmar, Myhealthcare allows patients to chat with doctors

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We reached out to Chit Hnin Pwint Wai to talk about her company, Myhealthcare, a mobile-based health consultancy and health checkup booking in Myanmar

Startup Of The Year : MyHealthcare

MyHealthcare has been selected as the Startup of The Year Winner 2018 for Myanmar from Asean Rice Bowl Startup Awards.

Thank you to all my "MyHealthcare" team, this project would never have been completed without talented team members.

Congratulations to all of Myanmar Team!

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Our MyHealthcare app won at Women-Led Start-up Pitch Contest. I would like to sincerely thank respectable Judges, Coach for granding this award to MyHealthcare. As a winning price we are invited to Paris, France to attend Global Women’s Forum.

Date - 12 September to 14 September 2018
Place - Singapore

Myanmarese Entrepreneur Chit Sisters is introducing "MyHealthcare" mobile application at Global Entrepreneurship Event, Tokyo, Japan.

Date - 1 September to 12 September 2018
Place - Tokyo, Japan
They visited Microsoft, Yahoo Japan, Monstar Lab, Music Securities, Acroquest Technology and FTI. Chit Sisters is participating in SDGs Study Group of UN Forum. Sisters had great speech with Prof. Izutsu of Tokyo University by introducing their mobile application "MyHealthcare".

• ဒေါက်တာ ဖြိုးသီဟမှ "Youth and Sexuality Education" ခေါင်းစဉ်ဖြင့် မျိုးဆက်ပွါးကျန်းမာရေး အသိပညာပေး ဟောပြောပွဲကို ဇူလိုင်လ ၇ ရက်နေ့ နေ့လည်(၂:၀၀ မှ ၅:၀၀ အထိ) ကျင်းပပြုလုပ်သွားမည်ဖြစ်ပါသည်။ လူငယ်များ တက်ရောက်သင့်သည့် ဟောပြောပွဲ တစ်ခုပဲဖြစ်ပါသည်။

• ထို့အပြင် မျိုးဆက်ပွါးကျန်းမာရေးကို အခြေပြု၍ အသစ်ထွက်ရှိထားသော MyHealthcare အက်ပလီကေးရှင်းကို အကျိုးရှိရှိအသုံးပြုနိုင်ရန် လက်တွေ့ရှင်းပြသွားမှာဖြစ်ပါသည်။

MyHealthcare Team presented Health Care Application Version 2.0 at Community InfoConnect Event, American Center Yangon.

Date - 9 June 2018
Time - 10:20 AM - 10:50 AM
Place - American Center Yangon

MyHealthcare Team is sharing Health Care App at Youth Festival 2017, University of Yangon.

Date - 1,2,3 December 2017
Time - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Place - University of Yangon

Our MyHealthcare app won at Myanmar Women’s Social Business Contest. I would like to sincerely thank STEPS & Si-works and respectable Judges, Mentors for granding this award to MyHealthcare.
As a winning price we are invited to Japan to attend Women’s Social Entrepreneurship Conference, celebrating International Women’s Day..

Date - 26 November 2017
Time - 12:00 - 17:30
Place - Strategy First U Wisara Campus

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Trust Oo M-Health Enterprise and Global New Wave Technology are Round one - Winner of Innovation Marketplace. Initiative by Phandeeyar and FHI 360, supported by USAID. We compete with the reproductive health education tool targeted at 16-30 year olds. MyHealthcare app is remote medical assistance via mobile devices for every citizen throughout Myanmar.

#MyHealthcare App : Reproductive health education tool targeted at 16-30 year old
Founder & Business Development Director of Global New Wave Technology and COO of Best Trip.

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